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Where your costumes designs can come to life!!

I specialise in designing costumes that are printed onto lycra, drawing, milling and moulding costumes components
with the precision of a CNC milling machine and 3D printer. 


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For update pics on current projects. 

My Amazing Spidey4fun 2 Urethane Webbing suit. 
(Faceshell and Eye frames by Tjack)
Thanks to Yoshua Sudarso for making it look so good.

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 Dragon Con 2009.


Urethane webbing Suit.


Checkout all my gear made to order : click the spinning spider below.

Made to Order

One Of Seconds  with imperfection below.




Currently  Accepting

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Please email me if you would like something made

Note: I don't accept commission work to make licensed characters. 

I'm happy to make generic suits, parts of suits or your own creations.
  Draw me pictures of your design and lets see what we can make.


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Last updated 15/10/2017

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MARVEL OR SONY PICTURES or any other organization of any kind, I am  simply offering a website with images of  home made costumes and in no way claim to be Spider-Man or any other super hero or Villain.  Wearing one of my costumes will not magically give you super powers.  You might actually feel a little under dressed if you haven't worn lycra before.  I DO NOT operate any machinery or drive a vehicle if wearing a mask as vision is impaired.    Copyright .    Spidey4fun.    All rights reserved.