CNC Milling Projects


I recently put together a CNC milling machine with the help of a few friends.  It should come in handy for making all sorts costume parts the props.
This CNC should be able to bring some of my smaller CAD projects  to life.


I'm now accepting commission work if you need anything cut.


Here's some of my recent projects.

Judge Dredd's belt buckle.

This is the concept artwork by Michael Carroll.

Below is the resin master I cut from the artwork files shown above. 

And the finished product I recently received from Termight Replicas.


The phone for a Begins / TDK belt with custom design as seen above.


Hip piece for  a copy of the suit below.


The resin piece straight from the mould.


A Dark Knight styled belt. 


Milling the buckle. Possibly version 1.  It took several attempts till I was happy with the shape.



I'm now accepting commission work if you need anything cut.




Last updated 13/09/2017

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